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The DNG Hercules Limited Edition Mid-Range Disc is the top choice among the adult and professional disc golf community who wish to play disc golf at night for maximum stability and most accurate glide during nighttime play.


DNG Sports is the go-to Disc for nighttime disc golf.  We glow longer and brighter than any other Disc on the market.


DNG Discs are made with a patented 40% plant-based material and stay true to their form, not bending or warping like other discs. Our material is the sole reason why DNG Discs fly straighter and farther, and our revolutionary patented resin makes our discs glow brighter and longer than anything you’ve ever experienced. Even dogs love our DNG Discs! Play catch during the day or at night when it's not so hot outside. Treat your pet to a fun night out with DNG Discs.


Included in your DNG Hercules Limited Edition Pro Driver Disc


- One 8 1/4 inch Disc

- One UV Flashlight (Super Bright 9 LED Lights)

- 3x AAA Batteries

- Flight Characteristics:  Speed 5 / Glide 4 / Turn 0 / Fade 2

- Weight 140 grams

- RFID Tag For PPVGA Tournaments

- Throwing Tips


Mid-Range Disc | Hercules Limited Edition + LED Flashlight + Batteries

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