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Steve Gough​

For the past 46 years, Steve Gough has been a leader in the packaging business within Orange County. Steve will be developing and procuring the box and packaging for the DNG Sports™ game sets.


Edward Showalter

Ed has over 50 years of in-depth experience in business development and IP Technology innovation. Today he has over 200 Patents and Patent Pending applications in the areas of Bioplastic Resins, Utility Patents for the Food and Beverage Industry, Medical Devices, Manufacturing Products, Blockchain Technology, Electronic Applications, and Physical-Virtual Game Technology. His diverse industry experience includes product development, software design, marketing, sales, finance, profitability, and team leadership. Mr. Showalter is a graduate of Penn State University, York, PA Campus, in Electronic Technology Engineering.


Mike Wippler 

Mike is a practicing attorney in Los Angeles, CA. His practice focuses on business counseling, litigation, and negotiating and documenting business and real estate transactions. Additionally, Mike’s international expertise with publicly-traded and privately-held companies includes Human Resources and Compliance functions. Mike will be directly supporting the CEO in developing a strong and protected DNG Sports™ organization.


Jason Baum

Jason is a business operations leader with a  passion for developing strong teams and  retaining great talent. .With a background in  both the Technology and Staffing industries  Jason’s strength in go-to-market strategy  and maximizing business return through  candidate experience will help DNG  Sports™ build a strong business culture as  he helps to staff the company with high quality team members.


Victor Wong 
Product Manufacturing

Victor is the COO of IGS Molding LLC with 13 years of experience in plastic industry and 20 years of experience in sales and entrepreneurship. Victor will be leading Product Manufacturing and the development of DNG Sports™ physical gaming components.


Maribel Huerta
Product Manufacturing

Maribel is the CEO of IGS Molding LLC with sixteen years of customer service and entrepreneurship experience working alongside Fortune 500 companies. Maribel has worked in the plastic industry for 5 years, helping customers with eco-friendly options. Maribel will be supporting DNG Sports™ with Product Manufacturing and the development of physical gaming components.


Edward Montelongo

Ed is a United States Army and Vietnam War Veteran. After his military service, Ed attended Mt. Sac University and majored in Plastic and Mold Making Technologies. Edward’s career in the Plastics Industry is in Production and Sales. Ed will bet managing and overseeing engineering and the manufacturing of DNG Sports™ products.

Kal McRae

Biography and Photo Coming Soon...


Ray Chen
Senior Hardware Engineer

Ray’s love and experience in electronics began as a child living in China. Ray attended North Western Polytechnic University. Starting his career in 1990, Ray has now over 30 years experience in IT and electronic engineering. This experience will directly benefit DNG Sports™ as Ray helps build out DNG Sports™ games,  electronics, and Physical-Virtual integration.


Michael Khouw
Senior Software Engineer

Michael has 20 years of experience as an Embedded Software Engineer in aerospace, medical, industrial, and consumer electronics. Michael will lead the development of the DNG Sports™ software for the physical game scoring monitor.

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